Our Difference

Business Insights Gained from Experience

Handpicked for their years of experience on the frontlines of corporate world, our team comprises of talented individuals who truly understand the urgent business challenges faced by our clients. The ability to draw on our practical experience and synthesize information that vary tremendously in context, volume, timeliness and reliability enables us approach each assignment with clear objectives and a strong focus on the desired results.

Just One Point Of Contact

With over 15 years search experience across Asia, The People At Work understand the intricacies of cross-cultural and cross-border searches in this region. Complemented by selected partners in Europe and the Americas who share similar values, we can confidently provide a single point of contact to our clients wherever in the world their needs may emerge.

No Limits To Finding The Best Candidate

We stand by our commitment to fostering strong, long-term partnerships because we choose to work only with a select number of clients in any one sector. We have a clear mandate to act and are often able to identify and approach the best talents with no hands-off restrictions.

Small and Intimate, but A Global Mindset

With the globalization of today’s markets, we keep ourselves updated through regular contact and updates from our international partners in Europe and the Americas. Yet we continue to operate as a boutique consultancy who believes in offering the highest level of service and attention to our clients.

Your Peace of Mind

We are fully committed to work we take on from our clients. We work alongside your HR and business teams and are ready to offer feedback and inputs on market situation, proactively identifying solutions and managing the search process tightly.